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UPCX (UPC) token is listed on the Gate.io trading platform.
UPCX (UPC) token is listed on the Gate.io trading platform.

UPCX (UPC) token is listed on the Gate.io trading platform.

On January 29, 2024, UPCX (UPC) was officially listed on the Gate.io trading platform, with the UPC/USDT trading pair now available.

UPCX represents an innovative payment and financial services platform based on advanced high-speed blockchain technology, dedicated to providing solutions that go beyond current payment needs, enabling efficient financial transactions and multifunctional services. Compared with traditional credit card and mobile payment solutions, the UPCX platform supports near-instantaneous payments and settlements, greatly improving transaction efficiency.

With the listing of UPCX (UPC) on Gate.io, the UPCX platform is expected to attract more attention and participation, driving the innovation of its payment and financial services forward.

Key timelines and information about the UPCX (UPC) listing:

  • Deposit Open: Already open
  • Trading Start: January 29th at 8:00 (UTC)
  • Spot Trading: UPC/USDT
  • Trade UPC: https://www.gate.io/trade/UPC_USDT
  • UPC Contract Address (ERC-20): 0x487d62468282Bd04ddf976631C23128A425555EE

UPC Token Economic Model:

UPC, as the native token of the UPCX platform, has a total issuance of 780 million, with nearly 242 million to be released over 50 years as staking rewards.

  • Ecosystem (50%) allocated to witnesses participating as initial nodes and block generation rewards.
  • Rewards (20%) are used for referral program rewards and grants for funding programs.
  • Development (8%) to pay the development costs of the main suppliers responsible for UPCX development.
  • Marketing (10%) allocated to all activities that help expand the UPCX ecosystem, other than development, such as: listing costs on crypto asset exchanges, marketing, consulting, and external advisors (e.g., lawyers and accountants).
  • Team (5%) allocated to the remuneration of UPCX project management members.
  • Early Supporters (7%) quota for early financiers of the UPCX project.

About UPCX (UPC)

The UPCX platform greatly simplifies financial processes and increases their level of automation through a range of financial innovation products, such as smart contracts, scheduled payments, non-custodial escrow services, and authorized payments. These products not only improve the security and efficiency of transactions but also provide users with more flexible transaction options. The smart contracts on UPCX are particularly suited for financial transactions, asset management, supply chain management, and voting systems, offering new solutions for the needs of various commercial and individual users.