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UPCX (UPC) Launches on Gate.io Startup: Participate in the Free Airdrop Event to Share 21,471 UPC
UPCX (UPC) Launches on Gate.io Startup: Participate in the Free Airdrop Event to Share 21,471 UPC

UPCX (UPC) Launches on Gate.io Startup: Participate in the Free Airdrop Event to Share 21,471 UPC

Gate.io Startup has launched the blockchain payment project UPCX (UPC), offering a free distribution of 21,471 UPC, valued at $40,000 USD.

UPCX (UPC) Startup Sale Rules:

  1. Duration: From 04:00 AM on January 27th to 04:00 AM on January 29th (UTC), 2024. Orders placed by qualified users within these 48 hours will be treated equally.
  2. Trading start time: 08:00 AM on January 29th (UTC), 2024
  3. Price: $0; Startup Supply: 21,471 UPC
  4. Unlocking Rule: 100% Unlock
  5. Startup Participation Rules: Each user can only purchase once with a KYC account.
  6. Event details:https://www.gate.io/article/34196
  7. Event participation:https://www.gate.io/startup/1143


UPCX is a high-speed blockchain payment system customized for payments and financial services. It provides users with fast payment and settlement services comparable to those of traditional financial institutions through an open-source approach. The system not only emphasizes the speed of transactions but also focuses on building a multi-functional financial ecosystem to improve the efficiency of overall financial transactions.


Features of the UPCX system include:


  1. High-performance payments and settlements: UPCX supports instant payments and settlements, with performance comparable to traditional payment methods like credit cards and mobile payments.
  2. Developer-friendly environment: UPCX simplifies the development process for smart contracts and various asset issuances by providing SDKs, APIs, and other development tools and documentation libraries.
  3. Asset diversity: On the UPCX platform, users can create and trade User-Issued Asset (UIA), Non-Fungible Asset (NFA), and Market Pegged Asset (MPA) tied to the price of real-world assets.
  4. Decentralized Exchange (DEX): UPCX has a decentralized exchange that allows users to freely trade various assets and supports both intra-asset and cross-asset transactions.
  5. Advanced financial features: UPCX integrates smart contract technology to support advanced financial operations such as scheduled payments, recurring payments, non-custodial trades, and permissioned payments to meet the needs of different users.
  6. Security: In response to potential future threats from quantum computing, UPCX has adopted post-quantum cryptographic technology based on Ring-LWE to enhance the system’s resistance to quantum computing attacks.
  7. Cross-chain interoperability: By implementing cross-chain bridge technology from the COSMOS protocol, UPCX has achieved interoperability with other blockchains, expanding its usability and functionality.


In summary, UPCX provides a reliable blockchain solution for modernized payment and financial services with its high speed, security, and user-friendly features. By combining innovative technologies and products, it serves the current market and is also prepared for future technological changes, ensuring its leading position in the blockchain payment platform field.