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Case Studies

Yasuda Keisuke Joins UPCX as Advisor, Strengthening the Company’s Vision for a Progressive and Open Payment Ecosystem

UPCX is thrilled to announce Yasuda Keisuke, a successful entrepreneur and the representative director of Yasuda Group., Ltd., has joined the company as an advisor. Known for his innovative vision in the fields of marketing, academy, and entertainment, Keisuke’s appointment is expected to bring fresh insights and a unique perspective to UPCX as it continues to build a progressive and open payment ecosystem for everyone.


UPCX is a super app-enabled open source payment system.UPCX is more than just a blockchain project. It is the foundation of a new financial ecosystem that everyone can access safely and efficiently.UPCX is not just incredibly fast, but it is a comprehensive payment and remittance solution that also allows for the issuance of various stablecoins and utility tokens.