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The Prospects of UPCX’s Legal and Compliant Crypto Financial Services
The Prospects of UPCX’s Legal and Compliant Crypto Financial Services

The Prospects of UPCX’s Legal and Compliant Crypto Financial Services

In the global context, financial regulatory authorities have scrutinized the cryptocurrency industry’s legitimacy and compliance. Japan stands as a paradigm in this regard, particularly in the realm of stablecoins and decentralized finance, setting a benchmark for other countries. Concurrently, as a renowned open-source payment platform in Japan, UPCX’s legal and compliant progress is significant not only for the country but also for the global cryptocurrency market.

Following the Coincheck hack and the FTX collapse, Japanese regulators have strengthened their commitment to user asset protection, introducing requirements such as asset segregation and emphasizing the crucial role of regulation in maintaining market stability. Japan has established clear regulatory measures to address the risks associated with stablecoins, such as requiring stablecoin issuers to ensure sufficient real asset backing to reduce liquidity risks and enhance transparency.

It is worth noting that Japan’s regulatory framework aligns with the guidelines of international financial hubs like Singapore and Hong Kong, providing clear trading rules. This clarity, in contrast to the uncertainty surrounding stablecoin regulation in the United States and the European Union, makes Japan stand out in this field.

As part of the Web3 development, Japan’s initiatives in stablecoin and decentralized finance regulation aim to ensure security while also posing challenges for issuers, forcing them to find a balance between compliance costs and innovation. In this environment, UPCX competes with traditional financial institutions in terms of payment speed and transaction efficiency with its open-source payment platform and advanced blockchain technology. The platform offers instant payments and deploys a range of sophisticated financial smart contracts through its integrated development environment, solidifying its leadership in the blockchain payment space.

In the stablecoin domain, UPCX introduces a precise price oracle mechanism, ensuring that its issued stablecoins closely track the value fluctuations of real-world assets, thereby bridging the gap between the cryptocurrency market and the real economy. UPCX also employs the governance token UPC to implement an over-collateralization system, further maintaining the price stability of market-pegged assets and providing users with more robust confidence and protection.

On the international stage, UPCX has gained market recognition for its compliant innovative technology and financial solutions. UPCX’s collaboration with VNX is a typical example. VNX is a company registered in Liechtenstein and regulated under the Blockchain Act, having obtained recognition and supervision from the Financial Market Authority (FMA) of Liechtenstein. This collaboration not only showcases the compliance of UPCX’s solutions but also underscores UPCX’s emphasis on regulatory adherence in its global expansion process.


Japan’s proactive steps in cryptocurrency and stablecoin regulation are regarded as a benchmark by countries worldwide. By establishing a clear legal framework, Japan aims to protect consumer interests, maintain financial stability, and foster technological innovation. If UPCX plans to launch in the Japanese market, it will be able to leverage the country’s well-defined regulatory environment to ensure that its financial services meet the highest standards of security and transparency.

According to reports, UPCX’s Chief Financial Officer, Rikiya Masuda, was a key member of bitFlyer, Japan’s largest cryptocurrency/blockchain company. He plays a vital role in UPCX’s financial management and strategic development. The UPCX project is actively applying to become a whitelist member of Japan’s globally compliant exchanges, which is a crucial step toward achieving global compliance and credibility recognition.

As financial technology and blockchain technology rapidly evolve, adhering to regulatory requirements becomes one of the critical factors for businesses to achieve market success. Japanese regulators ensure that stablecoin issuers hold sufficient backing assets, providing a safe and trustworthy environment for cryptocurrency market participants. With such regulatory advantages, UPCX is poised to promote its innovative payment and financial services to the global market, establishing its significant position in the cryptocurrency realm.