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UPCX Opens Applications for Wallet and DEX Beta Testing
UPCX Opens Applications for Wallet and DEX Beta Testing

UPCX Opens Applications for Wallet and DEX Beta Testing

UPCX recently announced that it has started accepting applications from users to participate in the closed beta testing of its Wallet and DEX. Qualified users will have the opportunity to experience these two upcoming Web3 products on UPCX’s test network before they are released to the public.

The beta test will select 100 users to participate, and if the number of applicants exceeds this amount, the final list of testers will be determined by a random draw.

Application link: https://upcx.io/news/upcx-beta-test-application-open/

UPCX is committed to building a payment settlement system that can compete with existing financial institutions in terms of speed. Its blockchain technology has been specially optimized to provide performance and scalability comparable to credit card and mobile payment systems, while ensuring the immediate completion and settlement of payments.

In addition to allowing users and merchants to issue User-Issued Assets (UIA) and Non-Fungible Assets (NFA), UPCX also supports the issuance of Market Pegged Assets (MPA), stablecoins that are tied to the price of real-world assets, including fiat currencies and commodities, allowing for efficient trading of physical assets within the UPCX platform.

To ensure the security of user assets, UPCX is developing a hardware wallet and encryption algorithms designed to resist the threat of future quantum computers. The company is also actively advancing the development of POS applications and terminals, connections with cryptocurrency ATMs, including the proprietary UPCX system, and messaging features to facilitate transaction communication, all of which enhance the usability and convenience of UPCX.

With the launch of the Beta test, UPCX reaffirms its leadership role in driving innovation in new blockchain payment and financial services, and looks forward to community participation and feedback to jointly optimize and refine the products that will soon be brought to market.