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UPCX Plans to Recruit Test Users for “UPCX DEX”
UPCX Plans to Recruit Test Users for “UPCX DEX”

UPCX Plans to Recruit Test Users for “UPCX DEX”

Singapore, December 1, 2023 – The UPCX Team announces its closed Beta testing plan for its decentralized exchange, UPCX DEX. This exciting development is expected to fundamentally change the way digital assets are exchanged globally. Before the anticipated official launch in May 2024, UPCX is inviting interested users to participate in its early testing phase.

The UPCX DEX is designed to facilitate the swift conversion of various digital assets, enabling timely, accurate, and cost-efficient transactions. Test users who participate in the closed beta testing will have the unique opportunity to:
– transact and exchange “UPC” and “User Issued Assets (UIA)” on the testnet. (“UPC” is the governance token of UPCX, and “UIA” are digital tokens created and managed by users or organizations within the UPCX ecosystem)
– view transaction history and details through the UPCX blockchain explorer.

This closed beta testing represents a pivotal step in UPCX’s ongoing commitment to meet and exceed user needs. Feedback and insights obtained from these initial users will be crucial in enhancing the services and features of UPCX DEX, ensuring it is optimally tuned upon its official release.

UPCX DEX is more than just a trading system; it is a key component of the UPCX ecosystem, designed to make financial transactions more efficient and multifunctional. By integrating a full-featured DEX, UPCX will reshape the landscape of digital asset exchanges, providing users with unprecedented control over their digital assets and kick-starting a new wave of financial inclusivity and accessibility.

Details about the specifics of the tests and the recruitment period will be announced soon. UPCX encourages all interested parties to keep an eye on the official website and these upcoming announcements, and invites them to become a part of this groundbreaking development.

Official website: https://upcx.io/